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SAINT Virgin of Guadalupe

SAINT Virgin of Guadalupe

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“A special collector’s edition candle with original artwork by Louis Carreon. A statement art piece alone, this collector's edition ceramic candle features 2 wicks to ignite an intoxicating new fragrance, Indian Tuberose. Each candle contains a Virgin Mary of Guadalupe prayer coin. Limited quantities available!

Louis Carreon is a California born contemporary artist changing the way art is perceived. Through passion, honesty, and a willingness to share his work, Louis is one of today’s most influential and innovative contemporary artists. With a colorful past to draw on, his work is not merely modern art or street art but modernism told in a voice that drips onto the canvas. Having been commissioned by some of the most recognized venues throughout the United States, his creations are immediately recognizable. Every stroke of the brush or the spray of the can has a story to tell.

Marian apparitions are supernatural appearances by the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. Dating back many centuries, several of these appearances have been authenticated by the Catholic Church. One of the first took place in Guadalupe, Mexico in December of 1531. An Aztec man named Juan Diego communicated with an apparition of Mary over several days. Mary left behind an image of herself on Juan Diego's cloak, which still hangs in the local church today.”

- Features 360 degree original artwork of the Virgin Mary
- 100% Ceramic
- 28 oz. fill weight, ~240 hour burn time
- 4.75" L x 5.75" H


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