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High Barrier Earloop Mask 50ct/box

High Barrier Earloop Mask 50ct/box

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High Barrier mask ideal for oral exams of high-risk patients and procedures involving high levels of spray,  spatter, moisture and airborne particles. Perfect for ultrasonic scalers, high-speed aerosols, air polishers and  oral surgeries.


  • BFE and PFE filtration efficiency > 98% @ 0.1micron assures a high level of protection against potential sources of infection.
  • High Barrier (ASTM Level 3)
  • Shingle pleat design (will not lint, tear or shred), prevents the pooling of fluids and cross contamination, while dye free non–woven inner layer provides additional protection.
  • Soft and strong, ample-length earloops so there is less pulling, and adjustable nosepiece for comfortable fit.
  • Especially useful for laser procedures that generate harmful airborne particles

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