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Patchology Flashmasque Soothe 5 Minute Sheet Mask

Patchology Flashmasque Soothe 5 Minute Sheet Mask

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What it is: An innovative sheet mask that mimics the aloe vera plant to calm and soothe troubled skin.

What it does: Created with the best ingredients from mother nature's medicine cabinet, this mask is your five-minute remedy. Aloe vera and cotton seed extract are natural anti-inflammatories that help soothe and calm redness while schisandra berry de-stresses skin and improves moisture for a plump, youthful glow. Bursting with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, a blend of rosemary, sage and lavender help repair irritated skin.

How to use: Unfold the mask and apply to clean, dry skin. Place over your entire face, pressing the material snugly into facial contours. Leave on for five minutes, or longer if desired. Remove the mask. No need to rinse. The serum will fully absorb into the skin. Follow with your normal skin care regimen.


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